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Welcome - my hobby site mainly features Pathé amateur film sizes,
especially the vintage 9.5mm home movie gauge
What's new?
Ninefive equipment lists updated for extra Lapierre projector / full Lapierre article,
9.5mm printed film lists for Lapierre / Mickey Mouse / Tobis (France) / Pathex (USA) / 28mm KOK photos
Laurel & Hardy DVD set index / 28mm UK General printed films list / Peak Films list
9.5mm Super Gazettes / sound film catalogues / 17.5mm / Evelyn Dall (sad news) - all updated
New lists of Chaplin 9.5mm films / 9.5mm News Review details added / Pathé ref numbers list added
Peak Films lists updated / Major update of Novascope Films lists / New - Link Productions film lists
'9.5mm Movies on DVD' / various Celluloid Image pages updated
You Tube links being added to many Ninefive articles / Sales list regularly updated
Pathescope Prince/Princess article
(goto Ninefive then Pathe Equipment - post-war ) - April 2013
Coronet cine camera/projector article (goto Ninefive then non-Pathe Equipment) - June 2013
LGP (Cine) 9.5mm printed film lists (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues) - Aug2013
9.5mm 'Soundies' musical shorts article (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm 'Soundies') - Sept 2013
Full details & often You Tube links for 9.5mm sound film catalogue entries - ongoing work
(goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues then 9.5mm sound films) - Oct 2013
Film details & You Tube uploads continue (goto Ninefive then 9.5mm Film Catalogues then 9.5mm Sound Films)

My site's main purpose is to feature / promote the vintage Pathé 9.5mm home movie cine film gauge.
I collect 9.5mm films & equipment, in particular Pathéscope 9.5mm optical sound films -
I am usually interested in buying 9.5mm optical sound films, maybe other 9.5mm items,
and also 17.5mm & 28mm films and equipment, especially if in good condition.

There are now internet You Tube links to many film clips
the links are direct from the relevant pages on my web-site
Or for the items I have uploaded (hopefully more to come),
just 'google' - "You Tube 95filmforever" for the full list!
Now we can actually
see many of the
9.5mm & 28mm films we read about!
Grahame N. (From 08July2013 onwards)

Sales lists 10March2014

1. Click for NINE-FIVE mm movie film pages. 10March2014

These Nine-Five pages include articles / film lists for - Dance Band films; Betty Boop / Popeye; Charlie Chaplin ; Felix the Cat; Mickey Mouse; Steve the Horse; Lortac; Laurel & Hardy; Hazel Ascot; E.J. Fancey; 9.5mm stencil colour; 9.5mm Dufaycolor; 9.5mm "Soundies"; details of the UK 9.5mm Club "Group 9.5"; overseas 9.5 Clubs; plus full catalogues of 9.5mm sound/silent printed films and 9.5mm cine equipment - cameras & projectors. All regularly updated!
Plus new from 2011 - details of 9.5mm printed films now available commercially on DVD

New for 2013 - links to watch the actual films on You Tube

Pathé made a first attempt at home cinema in 1911 - this was 28mm.
Here are pictures & information about the Pathe 28mm KOK projector, camera & printed film lists.
Plus the American designed and built New Premier Pathéscope 28mm projector.

2. Click for TWENTY-EIGHT mm. movie film pages 08June2013 -

The Pathé company also launched a 17.5mm film gauge mainly for printed films
This section includes 17.5mm history and full Pathé 17.5mm equipment & sound film lists.

3. Click for SEVENTEEN-FIVE mm movie film pages 28March2013

For those still interested in filming or collecting films on that old fashioned celluloid, then please look at these pages - contributions for future issues very welcome! Issue 8 at last! (includes Laurel&Hardy DVD boxed set index)
This on-line magazine includes UK cine events; Group 9.5 Pimlico (London) fortnightly programme detauils; readers' free adverts; cine services (including film transfer companies) and useful data pages etc,

4. Click for THE CELLULOID IMAGE - On-line cine / movie magazine 21Feb2014

Here are some interesting related Web sites:-

5. Click for general CINEMA web-site links.

Another of my interests is music, including pre-war dance band, swing & jazz.
A favourite is the late Evelyn Dall who sang with the Ambrose Band - there is a film & discography for her, plus brief biography, photos etc! 14March2013
The story of Pathé & the phonograph March2002
Also music quips/quotes and music web links 25March2013

6. Click for MUSIC pages. 05July2013

New for 2013 - links to watch the actual films on You Tube


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Whilst this site is mainly dedicated to the 9.5mm (and 28mm /17.5mm) movie film gauges, introduced by the French Pathé company, it is not connected with the current 'reborn' Pathé companies.
See for free access information on Pathé cinema newsreels.
See for details of current cinema movies distributed by Pathé.

Yes! There's lots here to see and read, bookmark the site and visit again real soon!
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